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A n t o n i o. L ó p e z. G a r c í a




Antonio López García was born in 1936.
Long held in high esteem in Spain he has come to be regarded as
one of the most significant artists of our times.
He is the living artist I hold in highest regard.
There seems to be a humility to his gaze which ultimately
separates his work from the vast majority of contemporary realist art.




, 1950, pencil on paper, 16 x 14 in.
(done when the artist was 13 years old)





Untitled (Girl in a Landscape)
, 1957, mixed media on paper mounted on canvas, 28 x 37 in
This rarely reproduced work was part of the artist's first solo exhibition in 1957 at the Ateno de Madrid.





Woman on the Beach
, 1959, charcoal & pencil on paper, 41 x 72 in
a detail




Carmencita Playing
, 1960, oil on board, 107 x 150 cm




Carmencita in Her First Communion Dress, 1960, oil on board, 39 x 32 in




Dead Dog
, 1963, oil on board, 29 x 39 in.




The Window
, 1966, oil on board, 64 x 48 in



Maria, 1972, pencil on paper, 28 x 21 in



The Table,
1971-80, oil on panel, 89 x 101cm



Home of Antonio López Torres,
1972-75, pencil on paper

Antonio López Torres, the uncle of Antonio López García, was a renowned painter.
More on him and his work can be found at this site.



View of Madrid from the Vallecas Fire Tower
, 1997-2006, oil on canvas, 98" x 160".



When I first set up this page in the late '90s there were relatively few resources on this artist.
Fortunately that is not the case now.  

The best resource on Antonio López García is still the (out-of-print) 1990 Rizzoli monograph.
Until recently there was nothing available that came close, but then...

In 2011 D.A.P. released two excellent books: one on his drawings and another on his paintings and sculpture.

The 2011 exhibition put together by the Thyseen-Bornemisza museum in Madrid has an excellent catalogue.

Compared with the three recent listings above the catalogue published by The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston is on the slight side, but it is rather affordable.

An excellent article on Antonio López García can be found in the October, 1993 issue of Art in America.

There is an interesting if dated Spanish website called La Ciudad de la Pintura which has a section on Antonio López García that includes a number of images of his work.
(Click on the thumbs, then click on the image that opens from that to get an even larger one.)

Antonio López García is represented by Marlborough Gallery, Madrid & New York.



Maria Standing, 1964, polychromed wood, 30" x 11" x 12"


The header of this page is a detail of Sleeping Woman (the Dream), 1963-64, polychromed wood

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