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George Tooker



George Tooker was born Brooklyn, New York in 1920.
He lives and works in Vermont.

As well known as Tooker is it is suprising how little of his work is on the net.
The imagesI am including here are mainly his lesser known, seemingly more personal work.
The influence of his work on mine is probably obvious.



The Artist's Daughter, 1955, egg tempera on panel, 24x12in

Window VII (Desdemona), 1963, egg tempera on panel, 24x21

Vanitas, lithograph

Lantern, 1977, egg tempera on panel, 18x16

Meadow II, 1977-79, egg tempera on panel, 21x15.5in



The Subway, 1950, egg tempera on panel, 18x36



There is an excellent monograph on George Tooker by Thomas H Garver.

Additional images of Tooker's work can be found at The Simple Gallery.

George Tooker is represented by D C Moore Gallery, New York.


.All images on this page are copyright of George Tooker.


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