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Catastrophe in Heaven, 1986, 48" x 36", tempera on panel,
Private collection, Chicago.

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Communicant, 1987, 16" x 24", tempera on panel. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.



Celebrant, 1987, tempera on panel, 15" x 11", private collection, New York



Imago Dei, 1991, 22" x 15", ink on paper. The Arkansas Art Center.



Beacon (Bless the Bastard), 1991, 48" x 60", tempera on panel. The Kalamazoo Institute of Arts.



Carry the Body, 1991, 12" x 18", tempera on panel,

[This painting was stolen in 1991. If you are aware of its whereabouts please contact me @.]




Merry-go-round, 1993, 24" x 32", tempera on panel. Private collection, Chicago.


"But what is rational about this realism -- about this Eden -- where things dissolve into darkness?"
Karen Halvorsen-Schreck


What we know in part, 1994, 24" x 32', tempera on panel, Private collection, Chicago.



Listen, 1995, 15" x17", tempera on panel. Private collection.



Plenty, 1995, 19" x 19", tempera on panel.





Those of my works reproduced on this site which do not have a collection credit with the image information (click on the thumbnail image) are currently available for sale.

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 hi rez


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