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Walking Street, 1997, 15" x 21", tempera on panel. Private collection, New York.

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Adam, 1997, 8" x 12", tempera on panel. Prvate collection, Michigan.


Drummer Dancer, 1995, 9" x 6", tempera on panel.


Age of Angels, 7" x 7", 1997, tempera on panel. Rockford Art Museum, Illinois.


Viewer, 1998, 15" x 15", tempera on panel. Private collection. Chicago.


Dawn, 1998, 8" x 5", tempera on panel

   Guise, 1998, 12" x 24", tempera on panel. Private collection. Chicago

Troupe, 1998, 18" x 24", tempera on panel.


Untitled (I Am), 15" x 23", 1998, tempera on panel.


Even the Stones, 1998, 12" x 9", tempera on panel.



"... in the lucidity and stillness of this recovered world ..."
Greg Waskowsky


Proof, 1998, 35" x 24", tempera on panel. Private collection Michigan.



As the Earth Waits, 1998, 17" x 13", tempera on panel


Assistance with the production of some of the work on this page was provided by North Park University intern
Kaori Umeda.

Those of my works reproduced on this site which do not have a collection credit with the image information (click on the thumbnail image) are currently available for sale.

If you are interested in purchasing a work of mine that you find on this site please
contact me regarding purchase information.

Thanks for your interest and support.



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 hi rez


Some additional lowly images can be found on Tim's page of the
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