her objects

+ description

This was a collaborative project that focused on objects from the life of my daughter Temma . In the last few months of 2013 Chicago artist Rachael McHan worked as one of Temma’s care-givers. While we has been friends for quite a while and she has been acquainted with Temma, her experience as one of Temma’s caregivers informed her understanding of Temma and the role of these objects in Temma’s life.

The procedure for this work was as follows:
1) We chose objects that are part of Temma’s daily world.
2) Rachael started the piece, working either from the actual object or a photograph that she has taken of it. She worked on the piece until she was ready to pass it on.
3) I worked on the piece (from the original object, Rachael’s photograph or my imagination) until it was finished.
The end.